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the work of art is the art of work.


Photo Credits: Kimberly Reinagel, David Plakke, MB Maher (for The Getty Museum), Walter Wlodarczyk (for Pioneer Works and independently), Roulette Intermedium

"Luisa Muhr's voice is remarkably striking."

- Free Jazz Collective

"...mesmerizing, often haunting multimedia sonata of sorts, complete with variations on a series of recurrent tropes and gestures...her lustrous vocalese is a trip..."

- New York Music Daily

"...utterly haunting vocals..."

"...lovely, soaring flights in voice..."

- The New York City Jazz Record

"Luisa Muhr's urging exclamations and proclamations serve as the human cry and chatter of myth encountered on any street while venturing the shadows of New York City."

- All About Jazz

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