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Women Between Arts

New York's leading Performing Arts Series dedicated to interdisciplinary womxn and non-binary artists, created, produced, and curated by Luisa Muhr at The New School Glass Box Theater. With the encouragement and support of composer John Zorn and Dean of Mannes School of Music, Richard Kessler. 

Constellation  Chor

Since 2017 Luisa has been a part of Marisa Michelson's Constellation Chor. 

Performances include Ashley Fure's Filament with the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center in September 2018, Sarah Hennies' Reservoir 2: Intrusion as part of Claire Chase's Density 2036 Project at The Kitchen, and Marisa Michelson's The Desire/Divinity Project at Judson Memorial Church.



An audio-visual ensemble, exploring virtual spaces, Dilate Ensemble was formed around the live internet performance of a real time under-the-kitchen-table installation by Carole Kim (S. California) with Gloria Damijan (Vienna), Jon Raskin (N. California), Luisa Muhr (NY/Vienna) and Scott L. Miller (Minnesota).



NowNet Arts Ensemble features renowned contemporary musicians and media artists in New York and locations internationally performing together live via the internet. Directed by composer and conductor Sarah Weaver, the NowNet Arts Ensemble performs works by leading composers and artists in network arts. 

 Own Work & CO-Creations

Coming up:

multiple projects during quarantine (for more please go to NEWS section)

Currently in Development:

- Babel, Roulette Intermedium commission

- audio-visual album releases with Dilate Ensemble

- writing a new Opera with Arturo O'Farrill 
- Oscilloscope: solo/duo with theremin

- Hold to the Now  installation piece with visual artist Suzanne Levesque (national and international)

- Three Sisters, an experimental version of Chekhov's Three Sisters directed by Peter Sciscioli 

- multiple duo, trio, and quartet improv sets with a wide variety of local experimental musicians

(for more please go to NEWS section)

Significant Past:

- 10001 Commission, Stoff Stuk, co-creation with Ada Van Hoorebeke (virtual, Austrian Cultural Forum NY/Undercurrent NYC, 2020)

- Parasol live stream of Dilate Ensemble (virtual live concert, Echoräume stream Vienna, 2020)

- live social-distanced concerts at Outside Aron's with Daniel Carter, Aron Namenwirth, Ayumi Ishito, Rodney Chapman, Yutaka Takahashi, Eric Plaks, and Jon Panikkar (in Williamsburg)

- Dilate Ensemble regular performances and releases (with Carole Kim, Gloria Damijan, Scott L. Miller, Jon Raskin)

- Duo Improv with Elinor Speirs (virtual live concert)

- If you like this, You'll Love That online exhibition at Collar Works (Troy, NY, 2020)

- Improv Trio with Sae Hashimoto and Joanna Mattrey (The Owl, 2020)

- Improv Quartet with Daniel Carter, Dave Sewelson, and Aron Namenwirth (Abasement series at Max Fish, 2020) (Daniel Carter will be out due to an injury)

- Improv Quartet with Daniel Carter, Dave Sewelson, and Aron Namenwirth (Pete's Free Jazz at Aron's Place, 2020)

- Oscilloscope Study 3.0 (ECHOfest, 2020)

- Improv Duo with Wendy Eisenberg (Outpost, 2020)

- Improv Trio with Devin Gray and Will Greene (Bushwick Public House, as part of Bushwick Improv Series, 2019)

- Improv Duo with Dina Maccabee (Pool Series, curated by Aaron Rubinstein and Kevin Murray, 2019)

- Trio with Devin Gray and Owen Stewart-Robertson (St. Lydia's, as part of Brackish series, 2019)

- Dem Leydik trio with Dan Blacksberg and Adam Matlock (Town & Village Synagogue, as part of NY Klezmer Series, 2019)

- Oscilloscope (solo) and other works (The New School, as part of the John Cage MusiCircus at The New School, 2019)

- writing A Storm Knocked Down this Tree the other Day: Tribute to Steve Dalachinsky (shared at the memorial at Downtown Music Gallery, 2019)

Rhythm Reclamation Exercises, Study #5 (concept by Daniel Bear Davis in collaboration with Luisa at H0l0, as part of DanceH0l0 series, 2019)

Improv Duo with C. Lavender (Spectrum, 2019)

your trash is my trash (Governors Island as part of Banyi Huang and Lemon Guo's Inundation, Undulation, Modulation, 2019)

- Duo Performance with Wendy Eisenberg (Pioneer Works, in Atelier Van Lieshout’s CryptoFuturism installation at the False Harmonics series, during Luisa’s Music Residency, 2019)

- Sounds of Physical Listening installation (Pioneer Works, during Luisa’s Music Residency, 2019)
- Improv Duo with Brandon Lopez (H0l0 and The Glove, 2019)

- Between The Threads: The Jewish Women Project (HERE Arts Center, 2019)

- Invisible Suite: Free Falling Borderless (by Arturo O'Farrill (text by Eric Gamalinda, sounds creation/text setting by Luisa Muhr), performed by the Young People's Chorus of New York City at Merkin Hall at Kaufman Music Center, released on O'Farrill's record 'Fandango at the Wall', 2018)

- Anna (Austrian Cultural Forum NYC and The New School Glass Box Theater, 2018)

- WASSER WORKS (The Stone, featuring Patricia Brennan and Richie Barshay, 2017)

- Geoff Berner & Luisa Muhr (as part of New York Klezmer Series at Jalopy Theater, 2017)


Coming up and Currently in Development: 

- Constellation Chor Quarantine Album

- Dilate Ensemble record release (2020)

- regular performances with NowNet Arts Lab Ensemble (virtual concerts)

- Song of Song of Songs (Marisa Michelson/Constellation Chor at Symphony Space, 2020)

- Improvisations (Constellation Chor at Spectrum, ongoing residency)

Significant Past:

- Tranformation State and Equality (NowNet Arts Lab Ensemble, lead by Sarah Weaver, virtual concerts, 2020)

- 10 Blessings (Nilusha Dassenaike at National Sawdust, 2020)

- Loup Lunaire (Mary Prescott at Roulette Intermedium, 2020)

- Density 2036 (Claire Chase/Sarah Hennies with Constellation Chor at Harvard ArtLab, 2019)

- Tableaux Vivants (Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow at Museum of the Moving Image, 2019)

The Picnic: Harvest of the STEW  (Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow at Queens Museum, 2019)

- The Gauntlet (Sxip Shirey and Coco Karol at Rockefeller Center, co-produced by National Sawdust, 2019)
- Fly, Fly Mom Fly (Shelley Hirsch at Queenslab, 2019)

- Unsilencing (Sondra Sun-Odeon at Hudson Basilica, 2019)

- Density 2036 (Claire Chase/Sarah Hennies with Constellation Chor at The Kitchen, 2019)

- Or Else Opera: Eisler-Brecht (Bread and Puppet Theater/Peter Schumann at Theatre for the New Audience, 2018)

- Filament (Ashley Fure/New York Philharmonic with Constellation Chor at Lincoln Center, 2018)
- LES Elegy 1 (Frank London at The Stone, 2018)

- The Desire/Divinity Project (Constellation Chor at Judson Memorial Church, 2018)

- Paris Capital of the 19th Century Performance (Kenneth Goldsmith/John Zorn at the Jewish Museum, 2017)

- Albright  (Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo NY, 2017)
- Sappho Fragments (Constellation Chor at Baruch Performing Arts Center, 2017)

- Purim Ball (Jenny Romaine at Park Avenue Armory, 2017)

- COCKPIT (The Balcony Theater at West Park, 2017)

- Excerpts of Three Penny Opera (in Yiddish at Yiddish New York, 2017)

- Dolores (The Playroom Theater, 2016)

Recapturing the Scenic Wilds Exhibition (Jessica Segall's In-progress installation, audio-collaboration with Ted Strauss at Wave Hill, 2014)



'Invisible Suite: Free Falling Borderless' composed by Arturo O'Farrill (text by Eric Gamalinda, sound creations/text setting by Luisa Muhr), performed by the Young People's Chorus of New York City at Merkin Hall at Kaufman Music Center, released on O'Farrill's record 'Fandango at the Wall' (2018).


'Bin ikh mir a Shnayderl' (iImprovised version)
Live at NY Klezmer Series at Village & Town Synagogue, October 10, 2019

Dem Leydik: Dan Blacksberg (trombone), Adam Matlock (accordeon), Luisa Muhr (voice)
M. M. Shaffir

'Synesthesia (Dance On Glass/Dance On Metal/Dance In Water)'
Recorded: April 7, 2019 at Pioneer Works

Project: recording the sound of physical movement 

Luisa Muhr: Movement/Sounds

Excerpt of Nietsche's 'Also sprach Zarathustra'

Recorded: February 7, 2019

Joe Foss: Drums, Percussion

Luisa Muhr: Voice

Excerpt of a reading of Wolfgang Borchert's 'Draussen vor der Tür'

Live at Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn, NY,  2017

Curated by Anna RG

The Wall (an experiment): 

Recorded: February 6, 2018

Text written by Luisa Muhr and Rhys Tivey
Luisa Muhr: Voices, Piano
Rhys Tivey: Synth, Trumpet, Sampling

Improvisation with Marisa Michelson's Constellation Chor 
Free Improvisation live at Judson Memorial Church, September 2017
 Luisa Muhr with Shawn Shafner and Kalliopi Siamidou: Vocals

A Singer Must Die (Leonard Cohen Cover)
Live at Freddy's Bar in Brooklyn, NY,  January 28, 2017

Luisa Muhr: Vocals

Jascha Hoffman: Guitar, Backup Vocals

Leo Sidran: Drums, Percussion

Dem Milners Trern:
Live Jam March 2016

Written by M. M. Warshavsky
Luisa Muhr: Vocals
Claudio Morsella: Guitar

Yiddish Songs Live Concert Medley:
Live on January 18, 2015
Music/Lyrics by: Mordechai Gebirtig, Shmerke Kaczerginski, Abrom Brudno, Aliza Greenblatt, Itsik Fefer, Chava Alberstein, and Hans Breuer
Luisa Muhr: Vocals
Eleonore Weill: Piano

Cher Ami:
Released September 1, 2014
Poem by Harry Webb Farrington (1926)
Ted Strauss: Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
Luisa Muhr: Vocals
Part of Exhibition "Recapturing the Scenic Wilds" (Jessica Segall's “In-progress”) at Wave Hill

For more, please visit Soundcloud by clicking HERE.



Video invitation for Through and On: A Cabaritual Performance directed by Josh Dolgin aka Socalled at Sala Rossa (Montreal, 2013)

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