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William Parker & Andrew O’Connor: Music and the Shadow People at Roulette Intermedium - 6/11 (8pm)

Joining William Parker and Ensemble.

From Roulette Website: Music and the Shadow People is a story written by William Parker, who self published it in 1995. It takes place in a world that is “for the most part ruled, dominated, and being destroyed by HE,” a world built on lies, a world “not in tune with the reality of the universe.” It centers around two main characters: Johnson Wordless, a conscripted soldier in HIS Army, and Stockyman, a revolutionary figure trying to show people the path to the “Tone World.” The story was adapted into a radio play by Andrew O’Connor, premiering on Austrian public radio’s KunstRadio. That work has since been further adapted by William and Andrew into a live performance for musicians, actors, and multi-channel sound design, styled in the German tradition of Horspiel or live radio/sound play. Featuring original music composed by Parker, and immersive multi-channel sound design by O’Connor developed at the NAISA North Media Art Centre.

June 11, 8pm at Roulette Intermedium


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