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Pioneer Works Vocal Improvisation and Deep Listening Workshop at PW Red Hook Labs - 4/30 (1-3pm)

This class, led by Music Residency Alum Luisa Muhr, will explore the voice in its many different shapes: some familiar, some maybe (still) unfamiliar. The setting will be purely improvisational, intuitive and playful. We will work with our environment and our surrounding architecture, as well as other people in the space with us, through listening, learning, integrating, and interacting with them, in order to explore our perception and ability to listen beyond our own seeming limits. We will “uncover” what is already there and will let ourselves bathe in these in-the-moment created dialogues of sound by using our voices and movements freely, some of which will draw from the practice of Deep Listening® (after the great Pauline Oliveros).

Date: This in-person workshop will meet once on Saturday, April 30 from 1-3pm.

Price: $0-50

Audience: Open to all explorers. No prior experience required.

Materials: None.

Luisa Muhr is a multi-lingual interdisciplinary performer, improvisor, installation artist, sound artist, director, experimental theater maker, and healing arts practitioner, originally from Vienna (Austria), lives and works in New York, and is at home in the experimental/avant-garde. Muhr’s focus is the voice and the moving body, which let her explore the many different ways in which sound and movement can activate a space or environment. She is a certified Deep Listening® Practitioner (by the Center of Deep Listening after Pauline Oliveros), a practice that helps people reconnect to themselves, others, and their surroundings in the most profound and versatile ways.

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