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Performance with Elinor Speirs on Cross-Atlantic Quarantine Sessions #6 by Cuatro Puntos

Performance on April 25, 2020: There is something amazing that happens when cultures converge. There is surprise and enchantment, chaos and dispute, but in the end, there is always something new. That is where violinist Elinor Speirs likes to set up residence - at the cusp of the conversation. The progeny of a viking and a celt, raised at the southern tip of Africa with Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, it was almost inevitable that Elinor would flee the constraints of the orchestra and join the fire and dance of improvised music.Versatility and flair for style have ensured her place in musical genres across the board.During this 5/25 event Elinor will join you live from Cape Town, South Africa. You'll be able to sit back and listen, as well as interact when you wish. This time she'll be improvising on art works by visual artists from around New England.

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