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"Inundation, Undulation, Modulation" at Governors Island - July 27, 11am-5pm

Luisa was invited to be a part of this great project. Join our Artists-in-Residence Lemon Guo and Banyi Huang for “Inundation, Undulation, Modulation”. This event consists of an afternoon of performances, screenings, and site-specific projects. It reflects on aspects of climate change, including rising tides, toxic waste, and its various effects on the body, as well as the fraught history of Governor’s Island as a colonial defense system for the United States. Taking advantage of both indoor and outdoor locations, performances will move in and outside the building, mirroring the mass migration and displacement of bodies as decisive results of colonial expansion and environmental change. The event also features thematically-relevant artworks, sound pieces, and site-specific installations placed throughout the House of Solutions. While Governor’s Island itself bears witness to the accumulative aftermaths of top-down policies and solutions, we attempt to provide a site for respite, contemplation, and open-ended dialogue in this current period of political turmoil and ecological instability, positing that we too have a place in the process of solution-seeking and enactment of difference.

The House of Solutions is a collaboration between the Human Impacts Institute and Climate Reality Project NYC Metro Chapter. The House is a place where climate solutions come to life through workshops, events, exhibits, and experimentation.

House of Solutions

Nolan Park House 4B, Governors Island

New York, New York 10004 More info here:

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