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Between the Threads: Jewish Women Project, January 18 - February 10, 2019 at HERE Arts Center

Between the Threads (Jewish Women Project) is a devised theatre piece about Jewish women in America exploring their relationship to their Judaism. What does it mean to be part of a tiny minority with a disproportionate representation in the national consciousness? How does our identity as Jews intersect with our identities as women? How important is our Judaism to our lives now? What is our responsibility as a historically oppressed people in the face of blatant injustice in our own country, and injustice done in our name in another?

Directed by Coral Cohen with original music by klezmer artist Zoë Aqua, the project is an interdisciplinary work that uses performance as a way to interrogate Jewish identity today by looking to our past and confronting our future. A group of six female-identified artists explore their personal history to present a collage of varied perspectives on what it means to be perennially in-between: in the intersection of tradition and modernity, power and oppression.


Conceived and Directed by Coral Cohen

Original Music by Zoë Aqua

Performed and Co-created by: Zoë Aqua, Hannah Goldman, Lea Kalisch, Luisa Muhr, Daniella Seidl, Laura Lassy Townsend*

Dramaturg & Script Supervisor: Tatiana Baccari

Associate Producers: Kimberly Dillon & Lucy Powis

*Appears courtesy of Actor’s Equity

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