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The New York Times preview excerpt of Ashley Fure and her piece 'Filament' performed by The

"The New York Philharmonic clearly has confidence in Ms. Fure, too: It’s giving her its biggest stage, the opening slot on its season-beginning gala program, Jaap van Zweden’s first as the orchestra’s music director, on Sept. 20. Immersive and hall-filling, the piece, “Filament,” features adventurous musicians — Rebekah Heller, Brandon Lopez, Nate Wooley, Constellation Chor — who are not, to say the least, Philharmonic regulars. It’s clearly meant to be a loud signal that a new era is beginning at Geffen Hall."

The article written by Zachary Woolfe and Joshua Barone originally appeared in The New York Times on September 14, 2018. Click here for the full article.

Constellation Chor members performing in 'Filament' are: Marisa Michelson (Founder), Nikko Benson, Tamrin Goldberg, Chad Goodridge, Luisa Muhr, Sarah Beth Pfeiffer, Shawn Shafner, Kalliopi Siamidou, Kinga Cserjesi, Sepideh Moafi, Heathcliff Saunders, Sara Serpa, Raphael Sacks, Danyel Fulton, and Pyeng Threadgill.

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