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The Haunted Sukke with the Oysgeshrekt Orkester: Experimental Vocals performed by Luisa Muhr

After KlezKanada this is the second time Luisa performs in this wonderful show. The Haunted Sukke is an exquisite theatrical environment; a Yiddish haunted house populated by unsung heroes, Yidishistishe ushpizin, (honoured guests). Visit and be immersed in the exciting space where Yiddish ghosts will be invoked and entertained. A live score by the Oysgeshrekt Orkester, where Luisa will be the lead singer, performing experimental vocal sounds, will intensify the thrills, and further enchant the tour.

Watch a glimpse of it here: OCTOBER 14, 2014 AT YIVO INSTITUTE FOR JEWISH RESEARCH, NY, 7pm

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