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own your body. own your voice.


Luisa has been a performing arts, public speaking teacher and educator for many years and has experience in teaching adults, teenagers, and children in a group or one-on-one sessions around the world in English and German. She has taught acting/scene study, audition/performance technique, voice work, public speaking, movement, theater improv and music improvisation, dancing, on-camera workshops, and ensemble skills to beginners, aspiring performers, and professionals.

Apart from private coaching Luisa has taught as a performing arts teacher and acting instructor at institutions around the world, including the Stagecoach Theatre Art School in Montreal (Canada), w@lz (Vienna Learning Center) in Vienna (Austria), Masibambane College in Johannesburg (South Africa), and the Acting Enrichment program at the Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate Charter School (Uncommon School) in New York. Luisa is currently teaching German Through Music and Movement at the United Nations International School (German School) in NYC, a program she designed and developed herself.


She is also excited to have been offered by Meredith Monk to teach her work in different communities in and around New York, something Luisa would love to do in the future.


Luisa loves working on freeing the voice, body, and mind in a fun and playful environment that still provides clear framework and helps her students grow.
In one-on-one sessions Luisa pays close attention to the individual needs of each student and provides guidance, leading the student towards their desired goals and development of their craft.


Luisa offers Workshop through FENGARI Works. For more information regarding private coaching or group sessions in person or online, please reach out here.

Luisa is also a Family and Systematic Constellations Facilitator and holds regular Healing Circles at MINKA Brooklyn and other Healing Centers in New York City and Brooklyn. If you are interested to learn more, please click here.

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