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Review in the New York Jazz Record on PlayField's Trilogy on 577 Records

"The ensemble features Luisa Muhr, a self-described “multi-lingual vocal & movement performer/improvisor/installation artist/sound artist/director/theater maker”, the proper antagonist for the guy [Daniel Carter] who has performed with damned near everyone. It is unfortunate that her impact is only heard (re: vocals), as during the sessions Muhr’s visceral theatrics must have been a major aspect." "And while there are lovely, soaring flights in voice, winds or the other instruments, the concept becomes clear that the collective sound’s relevance was in direct response to a society in separation." "Volume 3, “After Life”, opens with a moving duo of Muhr and Carter’s alto saxophone, joined fluidly by the rest. Among the three, this is the ultimate ensemble-created work, one so well threaded as almost to appear through-composed in completion. " Click here for the full article on 'The New York Jazz Record' by John Pietaro, p. 18, June 2021 issue


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