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Preorder PlayField's "Vol. 1: Sonar" (released by 577 Records on March 20, 2021)

It is with the greatest pleasure to announce the release of PlayField's debut record "Vol. 1: Sonar", released by 577 Records on March 20. You may preorder through bandcamp here:

Sonar, the first volume from the debut three-album trilogy PLAYFIELD, offers the musical equivalency of a walk through New York, meandering through the city’s conflicts, unparalleled diversity and mutual harmony. After years of playing improvised shows in small clubs and smaller apartments from Brooklyn to Harlem, the pandemic brought spontaneous collaboration between diverse musicians to an abrupt, necessary halt. But as people ventured outside, joining up for street protests and live sidewalk concerts, the eight-part group that created these volumes emerged organically. Instigated by 577 Records’ founder Daniel Carter, whose poetry is featured in each volume, PLAYFIELD Vol.1 glances at the music of possibility, from the shadows of systemic injustice and pandemic, to a city and an art form that remain electrifyingly resilient. PLAYFIELD’s three volumes will be offered as an exclusive, limited-edition CD, in an edition of 50.

Daniel Carter: Horns and Reeds Luisa Muhr: Voice Ayumi Ishito: Sax Eric Plaks: Nord piano Aron Namenwirth: Guitar Yutaka Takahashi: Guitar Zach Swanson: Bass Jon Panikkar: Drums Recorded on October 4, 2020 by Aron Namenwirth and Yutaka Takahashi at C.O.W. (culture of waste) 166N 12th st. Brooklyn N.Y. Mix engineer and dub organizer: DJMAGIKCLOWNS Mastered by Jon Rosenberg

All music by Playfield (Five Seven Seven Records Music, ASCAP) Painting by Aron Namenwirth Album design by Mark Smith Orbit577 is part of 577 Records Brooklyn, New York ©+℗ 2021 all rights reserved


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