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Dilate Ensemble at CNMAT UC Berkeley - 10/21 (8pm)

10/21 (8pm) at University of California Berkeley.

Carole Kim, installation, live visuals

Oguri, dance

Scott L. Miller- Kyma, electronics

Luisa Muhr - voice, movement

Jon Raskin - sax, concertina, electronics, recycled materials

This Event is Free and Open to the Public.

Dilate Ensemble is an audio-visual collaborative group that formed at the top of the pandemic. The audio-reactive visual worlds created by Carole Kim and a recursive algorithmic audio ecosystem by Scott Miller provide a contextual framework where the sensitive synchronicity of the moment associated with in-person improvisation bridges remote, local and hybrid spaces. For this mini-tour of northern CA, four Dilate Ensemble members (in the same location) will be joined by Body Weather Laboratory dancer Oguri for a compelling integrated media performance.


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