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Meaningless Work, Get To Work: Duo with Corey Fogel at the Getty Museum in LA - 12/4/21 (3pm PST)

Meaningless Work, Get To Work: Fluxus Scores involving a wide range of artists. Luisa and Corey Fogel will interpret Earle Brown's "December 1952" score (3pm). Luisa will also join the score interpretation "Unfurl" by Alison Knowles (4pm).

Saturday, December 4, 2021, from 2 pm - 5 pm

The Getty Museum

Free and open to the public, more info here:

This event is outdoors. "The thing to do is to keep the head alert but empty. Things come to pass, arising and disappearing. There can be no consideration of error. Things are always going wrong." —John Cage, An Anthology of Chance Operations Contemporary experimental musicians, dancers, and artists gather for an afternoon-long exploration of Fluxus scores drawn from the landmark 1963 publication An Anthology of Chance Operations. Edited by minimalist composer La Monte Young and poet Jackson Mac Low, and designed by George Maciunas, this seminal book drew together radical ideas for new forms of art and performance from a coterie of artists who would come to define the Fluxus art movement. In areas throughout the Getty Center, artists bring new interpretations to open-ended and poetic instructions by George Brecht, Simone Forti, Walter de Maria, Earle Brown, and others. From parked cars played like musical instruments, to rocks mysteriously and methodically moved along a beach, to a graphic music score radically reimagined, these unexpected happenings upend our daily experience of the world.


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