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Babəl at Roulette Intermedium - 6/24/21, 8pm

The show is currently sold out on in-person tickets, but some might open up closer to the date and the performance will also be streamed live via Roulette's YouTube and Facebook channels, as well as directly on their website here and will then be archived on Roulette's website following the performance.

The ensemble of incredible musicians features: Jen Anaya (voice), Trina Basu (violin), Judith Berkson (voice, organ, accordion), Patricia Brennan, Wendy Eisenberg, Rebecca El-Saleh, Tamrin Goldberg, Luisa Muhr, and Luke Stewart.

It would be wonderful to have your presence there live in person or virtually! Babəl has been supported by the Jerome Foundation and has received additional support from the Austrian Culutural Forum and Foundation for Contemporary Arts.


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