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"A DOOR TO HUMAN SIGNS" & "HUMAN SIGNS LIVE GRID" opening of Manifesta Biennial 13' by Yuval Avital

A global participatory online dance and voice artwork by Yuval Avital Real Utopias exhibition, Manifesta 13, Marseille, France

Opening: Friday September 25th, 18.00

September 26th - November 29th, 2020

Luisa is excited to be a part of one of Europe's biggest art festivals "Manifesta", as part of Yuval Avital's HUMAN SIGNS constellations. The one Luisa is participating in (Constellation 6) will open the entire (virtual) festival.

Not commissioned nor produced by anyone but born out of the desire of the 177 artists involved, uniting leading dancers and unique vocalists from 46 countries, with an international interdisciplinary équipe, Avital’s utopian participatory online creation ‘Human Signs’ arrives, after 5 months of virtual performances to Manifesta 13’.

With ‘A DOOR TO HUMAN SIGNS’ the project reveals its Living Digital Archive, a huge website hosting the various manifestations of the art testimonies created during lockdown and united through Avital’s Mantra, also ‘invading’ the reality with a series of global performances titled HUMAN SIGNS LIVE GRID, which - from Milan on October 11th - will spread during the Biennial in different cities around the globe.

Human Signs is the first online art project by multimedia artist and composer Yuval Avital, was born in the frame of reclusion during COVID-19 pandemic. Like the virus, Avital’s voice entered the houses of artists from all over the world, through his self-recorded 12 minutes cantus firmus, in which the artist expressed with his voice without filters all his emotions and feelings of the moment. The participating artists were invited to create a dialogue with his ‘Human Signs Mantra’, either with Voice or Gesture, the two most fundamental forms of human expression.

Inaugurating online through weekly livestreams on May 2020, Human Signs offered a virtual stage, each time inhabited by different artists, presenting a complex dynamic composition of art testimonies.

In the occasion of Manifesta 13’, as a part of the exhibition Real Utopias curated by Bianca Cerrina Feroni and Melania Rossi, A Door To Human Signs presents itself as a website-as-a-museum.

Contradicting the physical nature of the exhibition, the project presents itself with a series of QR codes and live streaming events united through a large portal in which the spectator can meet the art contributions of this creative community: vocalists, including some the most celebrated figures of ancient traditions, contemporary and experimental scenes; religious performers from every faith, key figures of classical and baroque music; dancers and soloists of leading contemporary dance and ballet companies; choreographers, and visionary performance artists, from every part of the globe.

The first event within Manifesta 13’ will be the launching of the Human Signs website

on Friday 25th of September at 18.00 CET, and following this, the premiere of Constellation Live Stream n.6 with Muna Tseng (United States), Rina Schenfeld (Israel), Nicholas Isherwood (France/United States), Virna Toppi (Italy/Germany), Hario Efenur (Indonesia), Antonella Albano (Italy), Ana Baigorri (Spain/Germany), Amel Brahim-Djelloul (Algeria/France), Noa Frenkel (Israel), Daniel Kolle’ (Cameroon/Italy), Luisa Muhr (United States), Claudia Cervenca (Romania/Austria), Nelson López (Uruguay), Brigitta Oling (Sweden/Italy), Carol Prieur (France), Syafmanefi Alamanda (Indonesia), and Odeya Nini (United States), together with Avital’s ‘Human Signs Mantra’. The event will take place in on the 27th of September, 19.00 CET, streaming all around the globe.

During Manifesta 13’, Human Signs will inaugurate a series of LIVE GRID performances in which its art dialogues take physical presence. Starting in Milan, the first Live Grid will take place on October 11th, with the performances of different Human Signs artists, among them Stefania Ballone - dancer and choreographer from Teatro alla Scala and dance curator of the project - and Yuval Avital himself.

Born from a dystopian reality, the participatory art project brings a deep sense of togetherness overcoming the physical distance and isolation. And in doing so, Human Signs invites us to explore differently the spaces, languages, and forms of interconnection as part of a collective reflection on a unique historical time.


Author Yuval Avital

Dance Curator Stefania Ballone

Software Programming Niccolò Granieri

Sound Editing Tychonas Michailidis

Video Editing Monkeys Video Lab

Live Broadcast Editor Franco Covi

Coordinator Valentina Buzzi

Coordination Assistant Valentina Viviani

Communication Yalp

Art Direction LeftLoft

Art Direction Assistant Sebastian Rodriguez Mendieta

Social Media Manager Cerem Yamac

Research Silvia Cognizzoli and Andrea Carraro


A Door To Human Signs

by Yuval Avital

Real Utopias exhibition, Manifesta 13, Marseille, France.

Curated by Bianca Cerrina Feroni and Melania Rossi.

September 26th - November 29th

Monday - Friday

9.00 - 12.30, 14.00 - 18.30

Maison R&C, 224 rue Paradis, Marseille, France

Constellation Live Streaming n.6

Dancers: Muna Tseng (United States), Rina Schenfeld (Israel), Virna Toppi (Italy/Germany), Nelson López (Uruguay), Brigitta Oling (Sweden/Italy), Carol Prieur (France), Syafmanefi Alamanda (Indonesia), Antonella Albano (Italy), and Ana Baigorri (Spain/Germany).

Voices: Amel Brahim-Djelloul (Algeria/France), Nicholas Isherwood (France/United States), Noa Frenkel (Israel), Daniel Kolle’ (Cameroon/Italy), Hario Efenur (Indonesia), Luisa Muhr (United States), Claudia Cervenca (Romania/Austria), and Odeya Nini (United States).

September 27th

19.00 CET

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