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"Oscilloscope" in "If You Like This, You'll Love That" Online Exhibition by Collar Works art gallery

"If You Like This, You'll Love That," is a virtual chain reaction-style show that came to fruition this spring and was inspired by making human connections during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Collar Works team each invited an artist to choose a work to include and requested they ask a fellow artist they admire to participate. And so on. Over a month, the chain has grown to include over 100 artists from across the country and globe!

This show was initially structured as Collar Works' annual fundraiser. Given the critical movement in support of Black lives and BIPOC communities, all proceeds to Collar Works will be donated to the following organizations: Marsha P. Johnson Institute (NYC), Troy for Black Lives / Justice for Dahmeek (Troy, NY), Albany Bail Fund for Black Lives (Albany, NY), and Soul Fire Farm (Petersburg, NY). The virtual exhibit and sale will go live on Monday, June 15 with a $10,000 goal. The Collar Works Board of Directors and Staff will match the first $1,000 within 24 hours to kick-start the fundraiser. We hope you will enjoy the show, find a work of art to add to your collection and join us in supporting these vital organizations committed to ending racism and injustice.

All works are available to be purchased online. Shipping and handling included.

Participating artists include: Kamal Ahmad, Liz Ainslie, Eleanna Anagnos, Justin Baker, Kiara Barry, Rachel Baxter, Monica Bill Hughes, Raina Briggs, Emily Burns, Melissa Capasso, Patrick Casey, Chelsea Cater, Brian Cirmo, Edgar Cobian, Laura Colomb, Christina Coogan, Theresa Daddezio, Jay Dean, Douglas Degges, Johnathan DeSousa, Joseph Dolinsky, Elizabeth Dubben, Tucker Eason, Shelby Evans, Natalie Fleming, Katria Foster, Rob Grom, Noelle Herceg, Star Herrera, Janet Hill, Allison Honeycutt, Kristy Hughes, Jennifer Hunold, Sophia Isaak, Susan Jennings, Elsie Kagan, Jennifer Kahrs, Jenny Kemp, Lucretia Knapp, Adam Kroll, Matt LaFleur, Andrea LaRose, Mary Laube, Madison LaVallee, Natalia Lesniak, Ellen Letcher, Suzanne Levesque, Joan Linder, Arnela Mahmutovic, Stephen Mallon, Sascha Mallon, Yeni Mao, Leo Marz, Alyssa McClenaghan, Carmen McNall, Theresa McTague, Catherine McTague, Alex Merchant, Claudine Metrick, Adia Millett, Sanford Mirling, Luisa Muhr, t.w.five, Hilary Nelson, Rose Nestler, Catherine Neyland, Julia Norton, Jeffrey Nowlin, Melody Often, Christie Olson, Joseph O'Neal, Rob O'Neil, Julie Pamkowski, Matt Paul, Jonathan Podwil, Pam Poquette, Jonathan Purtill, Kenneth Ragsdale, T Ranvik, Kelsey Renko, Adelia Roberts, Javier Rodriguez, Jon Rollins, Ciara Ruddock Marin, Masha Ryskin, Harumo Sato, Lisa Schroeder, Carlie Sherry, Stephanie Sherwood, Lilian Shtereva, Alisa Sikelianos-Carter, Dominick Smith, Sarah Smith, Jered Sprecher, Yana Sternberger-Moye, Maren Svoboda, Benjamín Torres, Julie Torres, Van Tran Nguyen, Christina Vogel, Lynne Yamamoto, Deborah Zlotsky, and Ilana Zweschi.

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