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Solo "Oscilloscope Study 3.0" at ECHOfest - January 26, 2pm at One Brooklyn Bridge Park

January 26, 2pm, 141 Bridge Park Drive Brooklyn, NY 11201


Sat 1/25 | 7.30pm (doors 7)- ECHOensemble presents echo/chamber

Sun 1/26 | 2pm - Luisa Muhr's Oscilloscope, The Million Underscores' The Observatory, Erin Landers/Lara Lewison/Andrew Yoon

Mon 1/27 | 7.30pm (doors 7)- ECHOensemble's echo/chamber, Alex Beckmann

$15 tickets. (No one will be turned away.) Come a second or third night for $5! Present your previous program or ticket for the discount at the door.

echo/chamber is an echo, created, repeated and transformed in play with Space and Time. a resonance living through moving bodies and acoustic vibrations. an immersive, evolving architecture of movement and sound. ECHOensemble comes together in an awareness-based practice of repetition and evolution called SHIFT, born from Mary Overlie’s Viewpoints, Steve Reich’s “process music”, and Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, and years of messy research.

directed by Jonah Udall, with Sean Brekke, Allison Sexton, Kalun Leung, Dani Cole, Noah Becker and Erin Landers

Oscilloscope Study 3.0 is a part of a larger project, Oscilloscope, which demonstrates an abstract dialogue between the human body and the theremin. It explores the theremin, less as an instrument, but as a device that measures movement through sound and the physical body, less as a vehicle for dance, but a human oscilloscope that measures sound through movement. By using the vehicles of (predominantly) sound, installation, and movement art, it will deal with the question of what forms dialogue can take and that there actually is no such thing as a “solo”, that performance inherently incorporates other elements and always, at its very base, is a dialogue, be it between a combination of people, objects, instruments, or the space itself.

concept and performance by Luisa Muhr, duo with theremin

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