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No Voice Hush'd Fest at Muchmore's - October 9 (7pm)

According to recent studies, female-identified persons represent about a third of all gallery-represented artists globally; in the songwriting world this number goes down to a little more than a tenth. In the NYC rock/punk scene in particular, female-identifying musicians must fight several orders of magnitude harder than their male peers for their voices to be heard. No Voice Hush’d is a representation of our method to rectify this, starting here in NYC through the uniting of female-identified artists across disciplines. Art videos, paintings, installations and more share a literal and figurative stage with the performers and poets performing that night, their works united by their creation from a non-male perspective.

No voice hush’d focuses on the artistic power of this group, providing for them a platform of support and a spotlight for their work.Reflecting upon current political circumstances, all proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) to support the fight against abortion restriction.

Participating artists: Irrevery, Crowd the Airwaves, Luisa Muhr, What Would Tilda Swinton Do ,Lilian Shtereva, Cruel Children, Doménica García, Watergh0st, Plaster Cocktail, Alicia Harris, Gwladys Le Roy, Hosted by Mari Iemanja aka Cherry DOORS: 7 PM // $ 10 // 21+ At Muchmore's Brooklyn More info here:

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