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New FENGARI Ensemble Production 'Albright' announced

Luisa's theater and performing arts company FENGARI Ensemble is excited to announce its next summer production Albright, a new play by playwright in residence Steve Bellwood (who also wrote FENGARI Ensemble's second produced play COCKPIT). The play will be produced and staged in Buffalo, NY next June. It is about philanthropist and socialite John Albright who was an important figure in the 19th century, not only in the city of Buffalo but the history of the United States. The play also deals with Albright's wife Susan, their mutual friend Jeane Clemens, the youngest daughter of Mark Twain and the interesting and complex, intertwined relationship of these three people. FENGARI Ensemble and producer Mark Goldman are planning to also have performances in NYC in June 2017. More information soon!

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