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Luisa Muhr / Daniel Carter / Jessica Pavone in Trialogue at Zürcher Gallery - 12/12 (8pm)

LIVE Concert Tuesday, December 12, 2023 at 8:00 PM Luisa Muhr/Daniel Carter/Jessica Pavone in Trialogue Luisa Muhr: voice Daniel Carter: horns and flute Jessica Pavone: viola This program features the first collaboration and musical trialogue of improvisers Luisa Muhr, Daniel Carter and Jessica Pavone. The trio will invite you to witness the magic of real-time musical creation and experience new realms of sound in space by crafting an evening of improvisational synergy. As these three boundary-pushing artists converge in the intimate setting of Zürcher Gallery, they will ignite a musical conversation that paves the way for a truly transformative sonic experience.


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